What is Clue-It?

Clue-It is an interesting experiment for people who like to set and solve cryptic crosswords. There is a standard grid, and anyone who wishes to can fill the grid with words and then submit a set of clues to those words. Clue sets can be submitted on the submissions page.

Once a set of clues has been checked (so it doesn’t contain any mistakes), it will be posted here on the Clue-It site. Anyone can try to solve the crossword using any of the clue sets – it’s the same grid for all of them! You might want to make your copy of the grid reusable by printing it and putting it in a frame, so you can use erasable pen and use the same grid for multiple clue sets.

If you’d like to have a go at writing clues, some experience of cryptic crossword solving is very helpful. If you’d like some help with how cryptic clues work, there is some useful guidance here, here and here.

Please feel free to comment on the clues once they are up, but please try not to give away any answers in case people haven’t solved them yet! Other types of feedback are also welcome.


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