Clue Set #5 by Erdos – A Silly Crossword

Standard grid for Clue-It crosswords

Six answers are a group having something in common.

1. Audibly measure expressions of relief (5)
4. Filming area is regularly swept (3)
6. Getting involved in last two-thirds of skirmish: that man’s a prickly customer (7)
7. Military 2 perhaps spend a penny touring US city (9)
8. Accidents replacing head of taps: approximately 1000? (7)
11. Arrange half of sofa (3)
12. Go with holy man for romantic liaison (5)

1. One must leave chair to turn this on? (3)
2. I go out with mullet to get a bird (9)
3. Solidify core of adipose tissue (3)
4. Essay composed around summit led to illegal bar (9)
5. Subject of article written by Erdos (5)
7. Where power alternates between extremes of madness and ideal neutrality primarily (5)
9. Be like Shed and Enigmatist (and Torquemada, at first) (3)
10. Several games East played, losing one (3)

Printable versions of the grid can be found here.

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