Clue Set #4 by Erdos

Standard grid for Clue-It crosswords

1. Allow commercial endorsement at US university (5)
4. From one in snack-making business: “have a break!” (3)
6. Inward-facing secret meeting ejects fifty (7)
7. One’s found at the dining table pouring tepid ales (4,5)
8. Clothes’ top destroyed by hint of saliva if one does this? (7)
11. Perhaps Chris’s, alternately? (3)
12. Parking space reversed into slowly by a Lexus (3-2)

1. One’s found in Paris or in Barcelona (3)
2. Obsolete technologies: keep one in mind before SCSI’s brought back (9)
3. Drink that sounds like Tango? (3)
4. Hold down the fort by the sea? (4,2,3)
5. Maybe new or full shape designed (5)
7. It might comprise two doses of steroids and last six eighths of cannabis? (5)
9. Birds decapitated a bird (4)
10. It’s found on scales — or the converse (3)

Printable versions of the grid can be found here.

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