Clue Set #3 by Pinkerian

Standard grid for Clue-It crosswords

1. Earmark cross between bear, yak and pug to take fifty (5)
4, 11. Huge surfin’, without end, here? (3, 3)
6. Simon takes ten decibels to wake 4d? (7)
7. Violently desiccate notes in blog, before reporting why (6-3)
8. Disney character danced (7)
11. See 4a.
12. Labour, perhaps, somewhat lacking liberal leader (5)

1. Section of circular curve (3)
2. By law, confused women start rotor used to cut grass (9)
3. Name for starting point of tour (3)
4. Plant confused dull bore with snore (9)
5. This boat or train attraction loses it (5)
7. The sound of a bull ring (5)
9. Fronts of legs, above patellæ (3)
10. Division of calendar year lacking repeated dawn (3)

Printable versions of the grid can be found here.

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