Clue Set #2 by Erdos – Some Like It Hot

Standard grid for Clue-It crosswords

1 River Ouse’s source reaches foreign sea, where salty water freezes at zero (5)
4 Send back minestrone perhaps: “Get rid of bluebottles in the middle; this liquid is disgusting!” (3)
6 Sluices out, by degrees (7)
7 It should be brushed off; bird weeps uncontrollably (9)
8 A measure of what’s hot: singer returns, touring ‘Gold’ (7)
11 It’s the word when words aren’t wanted (3)
12 Friends’ greeting, getting on for term of endearment (5)

1 Frock clothes fabulous bird (3)
2 Experimenter ingests lithium (a tiny dose?) (9)
3 Ruler of another country; one not so far away (3)
4 Mostly high-quality, like a tandem perhaps — she’ll deliver a first class service (9)
5 Cancel sitcom before final instalment (5)
7 Point member to large group (5)
9 Wood dust (3)
10 Regularly ready for a drop of sun (3)

Printable versions of the grid can be found here.

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