Clue Set #1 by Cluemaster – Inaugural

Standard grid for Clue-It crosswords

1. Punching tool gets run to start with (5)
4. Looks topless? Affirmative (3)
6. Pacino’s trillionth concealed airway (7)
7. Perplexed crow’s rods puzzle (9)
8. Tried madly to get radiation less clean (7)
11. Each is perfect at the beginning (3)
12. I don’t believe it! Originally, people said he’d always win! (5)

1. Groovy stripping jelly? Enjoyable! (3)
2. One who answers has a short pause, then a think (9)
3. Rodent returns to road surface (3)
4. Shout ‘duck’, hope for gold? (9)
5. Sleepy backup losing head for weapon (5)
7. Returning officer retains horned animal, causing muscle spasm (5)
9. Tear middle of sprig out (3)
10. Prowess conceals argument (3)

Printable versions of the grid can be found here.

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